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Personal Loan

We direct you to the best places we believe can help you with getting approved for a personal loan.

By getting a personal loan, you are establishing an I1 (Installment Credit) on your credit bureau, and this will help you grow your credit score and also establish payment history.

Keep in mind, when building your credit, all your bills will come into play and affect whether you see positive results or not.
So be sure you’re up to date with all your payments, Rent, Credit Cards, Car Loan, Utilities, Mortgage, everything!

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Be Different

Less than 1% of Canadians build credit with their rent payments

Improve Your Life

Reporting your rent to the credit bureaus can help improve your chances of getting approved for financing (mortgages, car loans, personal loans etc...)

You Are In Control

Make the decision to improve your credit, and we will help you every step of the way.